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A Quark of A Different Spin.

As you know, our party has an inebriated fish as it's Mascott, but we are at a loss for what to name it (we're not even sure of it's gender). So far the best we* have come up with is "Fishy McFishface". We're hoping some of you can help us come up with a name for the fish.

It's picture can be found here:

*: By "we", I mean "Adri". She's the brains of this operation.

adameros: So far on suggestion for the mascot name, "Citizen Fish".
adameros: Which is a great grunge/punk reference to the band "Citizen Dick".
sukrabar: True.
sukrabar: I might like it.
adameros: Fish Kenedy, he has Camelot in his fish bowl.
sukrabar: True!
adameros: Oooh... We could go for Emo, "Badly Drawn Fish".
sukrabar: Except he's not!
adameros: He could be. :-) I would love to fingure out a Nick Drake reference or Nails reference... 88 (Fishing) Lines About 44 Fish/Women.

Or maybe King Missile with "Detatchable Fish"?
adameros: Hmm... I should post this to get more feed back...

adameros: Oooo!!! W.C. Fields b-day is the 29th. http://imdb.com/name/nm0001211/ He hates dogs, children, and water. All drinks, in his books, should be a minimum of 20 proof.
sukrabar: So admirable.
adameros: You should read his quotes in the movies. I love listenning to his old shows.
sukrabar: When I clicked on the imdb link and saw "Dukenfield," I read it as "Drunkenfield."
adameros: Very close.
sukrabar: Conveniently.
adameros: Close enough that is calls for a drink. ;-)
adameros: One of his aliases is "Otis Criblecoblis". You know, the fish kind of looks like an Otis...
sukrabar: I think so!
sukrabar: I especially like the Criblecoblis part though.
sukrabar: Rolls off the tongue.
sukrabar: Probably even moreso when inebriated.
adameros: Yep. And people who get the reference will be extra cool.
sukrabar: "Although one of his most famous quotes is "Never work with animals or children." he secretly admired children."
sukrabar: Hmmm.
sukrabar: "Has a medical syndrome named after him - 'W.C. Fields syndrome', characterized by rhinophyma (rosacea of the nose) associated with alcoholism." Wow didn't know there was a name for that.
adameros: Yep.
adameros: Named after a Groucho Marx character would also be good.
sukrabar: True.
adameros: Rufus T. Firefly was his characters name when he was a dictator in Duck Soup.
adameros: The country was Freedonia.
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