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Feb. 7th, 2006 @ 07:53 am the post in which I use the term, "ass monkeys".
The Verizon Fiber (FiOS) plan is indefinitely on hold. And now to see in 7 simple steps how Verizon became known as a collection of ass monkeys.

After the people in our house spent three days out of work waiting for installs, Verizon has given up on us. Let me explain...

We live on a little loop with 5 houses. The loop (the asphalt, and the bit of grass it encircles) are jointly owned by the owners of the 5 houses. Verizon ran fiber down the street our loop is off of.

Step 1: We call Verizon to see if we can have fiber. They say "yes" and give us an install date and "time" (the tech will arrive between 8am and 5pm, and when they arrive the install will take 4 to 6 hours).

Step 2: One of us stays home and waits, and at about 3pm the tech shows up and wonders where the trench is with the fiber. As it turns out the trench digger came out, saw he would have to cut across the community property (the lawn in the loop and the pavement) and needed the permission from all the residents on the loop, so he did not dig the trench, but did not tell anyone this so a day was wasted for nothing.

Step 3: Verizon calls saying it got the neighbors permission to trench and schedules a second date.

Step 4: Verizon never shows. Another day of work missed.

Step 5: Verizon says it didn't have our permission, even though we called a week earlier and specifically gave it to them.

Step 6: Verizon calls and schedules a third appointment saying that yes the definitely have permission.

Step 7: They never show saying that they will not install because even though they have permission to install, they will not do so unless all our neighbors sign up to be customers also.

And that is why I now refer to Verizon as a bunch of Ass Monkeys*.

*I'm thinking of changing my name for Verizon from Ass Monkeys, as I don't wish to insult our simian friends who may enjoy bodacious booty.
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