A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

We have recieved reports, detailing a new terrorist threat. It seems terrorist have stolen from Israel their new mini stealth bomber. Experts are expecting an attack on Tuesday night. This bomber is said to be invisable to all sensors, and only can be see because of the a red "fog navigation system" on it's nose.

It is believed to have smart bomb technology, being able to deliever huge ammounts of "packages" right down chimmenies, if needed. General Dummas is quoted saying, "We wish our smart bombs had the accuracy of this secret Israeli bomber."

This bomber also has ultrashort take off and landing capabilities, often needing less than the length of one house. The short take off's and landing mean whis plane could all be used for troop insertion into peoples houses. Also, this means it will be impossible to locate the base of origin for this plane.

Some people think the base of Origin has to be in the arctic region, to have avoid detection this long, but many experts think the conditions are too harsh there for terrorists to be able to maintain and survive in such a region.

The leader is knows as Sa'ta Klus, an older man, with a long beard. Always wearing red, experts think this is to repressent the blood of martyrs. He supposedly has an extensive spy network, and claims to knwo exactly who has been good and who has been bad. And he was quoted as sayig that "each and every American child will get what they deserve." Psychologics think Klus is possibly psychotic, as he is reported to laugh heartily as he "delivers packages" to youth.

Be careful and watch the skys Tuesday night. Do your part to stop this menace to the freedom we Americans love and enjoy. If only we already had the missile defense program...

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