A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

From todays Oregonian (or local news paper):

As you know, the other day, while hunting quail, Vice President Dick Cheney accidentally shot a man in the face with birdshot. The 78-year-old victim, Texas lawyer Harry Whittington, is recovering in a Corpus Christi, Texas, hospital. We're sure Mr. Cheney has sent him a get-well card, but we were wondering, just what would it say? Could it be, could it possibly be... something like... THIS:

Roses are red
You put them in a vase
I'm really, really sorry
I shot you in the face

Roses are red
Sittin' up on your shelf
You got in the way of my shot
So go [bleep] yourself

You forgot to duck
Now your face is a-hurtin'
Wait till you get the bill
For hospital food from Haliburton

I shot you in the face
The news is on every station
So I'm sendin' you this card
From my undisclosed location

If I was out huntin' snail
Then I would have aimed low
But I thought you were a Quayle
So I shot you in the potatoe

It's all fun and games
Huntin' with right- wing zealots
'Til you get your face peppered
With shotgun pellets

With my 28-gauge
Shooting quail is great sport, sure
It's my favorite thing
Except for spying and torture

We flushed out a covey
And I turned on a dime
Now I'm a major league [bleep]
Cause I shot you, big time!

I shot you in the face
From a very short distance
Thought you were a bird
Guess I had faulty intelligence

I had that quail in my sights
Except for one tiny flaw
You got in my line of fire
Who could have foresaw?
Now you're in the hospital
With birdshot in your jaw
Now, Harry, that's what I call
Shock and awe, baby! Shock and awe!

I'm bettin' today you are wishin'
That instead we had fished
But if I'd have been huntin' lawyers
It'd be "Mission Accomplished!"


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