A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

The dream.... If you were to win millions/billions of dollars, what would your dream be?

Would you be Elmer Fudd, Millionare, with a mansion and a yatch?

Would you be Dr. Moreau, hunter?

Would you spend it all feeding the poor?

Would you start your own cult?

It's fun to play "what if", with limitless ammounts of cash. I seem to always start small. I think of paying my bills, them I think of what computer equiptment I would like, then I think of cars and boats, then of houses, and on up. I've had a few dreams, the the current most common two are:
  1. A Castle in the sky. I think it would be amazing to quit my job, go to school, and while I was going to school, have a castle built, that would be on a peak in the San Francisco penninsula so you could see the bay and the ocean. I would have several acres of forrest surrounding the castle, with wall, but no moat, but a steam on the property would be very cool.
  2. Island paradise. I would like to buy my own small carribean island, and build a resort, have weed fields, and grow sugar cane to produce rum. I could have an exclusive resort for famous people to avoid the crowds, and smoke all the reefer they want.

So, if money wasnot an issue, what would you do?

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