A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Today's WTF comes from German, by way of Detroit...

Is Dodge trying to piss off the gay community? Last night I saw a new ad for the Dodge Magnum. It starts out with this faerie flying around turning things "cut". It looked a lot like an ad for the Sci-Fi channel. Then the faerie sees a black Magnum driving and the chase is on. The faerie flies along zapping the car, trying to turn it "cute", but the spells from her wand just bounce off. One the the spells bounces off and hits the faerie, throwing her into a wall in front of this tough guy with tough dogs. He sees the smooshed faerie and says, "You silly little faerie!" Then the faerie zaps him, turning his dogs into small cute dogs, turn his cloths into those you would expect from a 80's movie for the rich preppy people, and raising his voice and giving him a lilt. Basicaly the "silly little faerie" turns the tough guy into a "silly little faerie". And then they close with some statement about there being nothing cute about the Magnum.

Anyone else catch the ad? Time to sit back an watch the backlash....
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