A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I want to make some greeting card, in the old sense of the word.

Back in the day, people made cards like business card, but just with their own contact on it. Also known as "introduction cards".

I don't think I need a lot, but I would like it to be mutli-color, and possibly with a fun/funky paper.

I could have them printed, but that limits me to one card style, and color get's spendy.

This leads to option two, which I have done in the past. Get some perforated business card stock for ink jet printers. It's labor intensive, I'm stuck with boring paper, and the edges are not super clean, due to the perforation. But It let's me do color. Every card on the sheet could have a different saying/quote/graphic, and I could print on both sides so I could put a large picture on the back which people could collet all the cards to get the picture.

When I worked at AT&T Labs, they let us print our own cards like that, so I gave myself a different job title on each card (stud.net, or V.P. of Q.A. in the Dept of Pornography, etc).

Not that I think about it, I could use the paper of my choosing if I'm willing to cut my own...

I think I have if figured out except what to put on the cards. And suggestions? Maybe all of our could do sound bite decriptions or thoughts of me?

This has sparked a second idea...

Though I also think back to Gigsville and the trading cards they would make. It would be fun to let people make their own color front and B/W back, and then print up with trading cards for the Casa De Cesspool crew and related entites. Or if Livejournal wanted to run with the idea, for $10-$20 (just a totally random price guess) people could submit their image and get back 20 of their own card and 20 random ones, and then $5 for each individual or random pack after that. They would likely need to keep things no worse than PG-13, but it could be fun to go to meet-up's and trade cards.

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