A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

What do you rhink of when you hear "wa"? Personally I think of a baby crying, or some cheesy sitcom character being to lazy to say "what".

Now the state of Washington has started a (thankfully) way underfunded tourism campaign surrounding the catch phrase, "Say WA".


They even made video commercials, but didn't have enough money left over to air them so you can only see them on their web site. Can't get much for $500,000 these days, I guess... [Fact: Washington is ranked 44th nation wide in spending on promoting thier tourism industry.]

One of the ad's even has a "Say WA" rap to (and I'm not kidding) attract the 40-55 year old crowd.

Anyway, when you hear "Say WA", what comes to mind? What would be a better slogan, and if you were incharge of the state budget how would have you spent the $500,000 (besides on hookers and blow. This is Washington State, not Washington D.C.).

The WAbsite...


Please note the site is already broken, the "Site Map" link gives a 404 error. I guess they blew the $500,000 before the website was done. :-P

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