A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

I went down to the Seattle Center to get some pictures, and damn... That must be THE place to take k-8 field trips. My main goal was to get some pictures of the big fountain with the sun fairly low in the sky so it would make some kick-ass rainbows, but unfortunately they were doing some work on it. It looked like they were replacing some lights at the base.

I was amused at how laid back the bicycle cop was. There were a couple kids skateboarding, using the bowl for the fountain as a ramp, and the police office didn't care. I guess as long as they weren't grind on the marble edge, all is cool. Very different form the PDX police, where thye think all boarding is evil.

The burgers at Two Bells Tavern get two enthusiastic bell-a-licious thumbs up. Not so enthusiastic about the Pacific Mariner(???) IPA. But the Nightwatch Dark Ale sounds intriguing.

Yes, the best part about being unemployed, beer during lunch. Actually, I've cut down on beer considerably to help lose weight (and it's been working, I lost 5lbs in April!), but I also did an assload of urban hiking this morning (walked a good portion of the water front beyond Alki Lighthouse (which was closed?!?!?!?!) (about 5 miles in total) after dropping Louise off at work and spent a couple hours wandering around Belltown and the Seattle Center (about 4 miles in total)), so it should balance out.

For all the whining my foot was doing yesterday, today the walking was pretty painless. Maybe my foot is healing after all!

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