A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Pictures from Seattle...

A 180 degree view from Alki Beach

Found over a door in pushshove's apartment building.

Space Needle from Alki Beach.

Some guy enjoying the view.


It was a little hazy out.

Waterfront living. And interesting difference between Washington and Oregon, all beachs in Oregon are public parks, by law. Put sand around your koi pond? You've now got a public beach.

A morning beach comber.

Someone enjoying the view from the peir.

Just playing with framing and layering with the archi-typical spotting scope/bench and skyline image.

Space Needle framed by trees.

Satelite dishes galore.

Space Needle with public art in the foreground.

The Sci-Fi Museum.

More public art.

Even the garage doors are adorned with art at the Seattle Center.

The fountain. Sadly, it was not functioning while I was there.

The fountain being out of order did not stop people from enjoying it, though.

Some statues that I will likely make into icons.

Dinosaurs live!!!!

Some archs that I believe are left over from the same Worlds Fair they made the Space Needle for.

This building is block or two north of Louise's place that they seriously went over board in the symetry in all aspects of the building.

nialavender taking a break from work.

A 360 degree view from the roof of Louise's building. Though the stitching software messed up between the first two images on the left, but otherwise came out nicely.

It seems Cingular fucked me over while I was up there. I''ve received word from a couple people who tried to txt me about meeting up, which I never got their message. My apologies. :-(

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