A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

Not to sound like a total idiot, but what fucking code is this person talking about?

NS isFoSho XXXX: hey
adameros: Who is this?
NS isFoSho XXXX: u dont know who i am and this may sound a lil strange,, but i was lookin at livejournal things and i was wondering if you have a code i can use?
adameros: A "code"?
NS isFoSho XXXX: yea u have a livejournal thing right?
adameros: Yep...
NS isFoSho XXXX: u dont know wut a code is?
adameros: What do you mean "code"? YOu found my AIM name via my lj account name, I'm guessing, so you already have that.
NS isFoSho XXXX: yea but thats not wut im talkin about
NS isFoSho XXXX: i found yur aim on the profile
adameros: So, what code are you talking about?
NS isFoSho XXXX: k let me explain... did u buy an acount for livejournal?
adameros: No.
NS isFoSho XXXX: then how did u get it?
adameros: It's free. As long as you don't use the pay for services.
NS isFoSho XXXX: how did u get it without paying?
adameros: I just signed up on their main page.
NS isFoSho XXXX: will u try to do me a fav then? its really important cuz my livejournal thing got messed up
adameros: I don't admin lj, so I doubt there is anything I can do for you.

My answer... F.I.I.K. (Fuck If I Know)

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