A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

An old whiny geek momment...

Why is (x)inetd being phased out on modern unix/linux distros? It's mature, capable, and stable program allowing you to serve lesser used protocols with out needing the overhead of a daemon running for every protocol.

For those that are not into geek speak, here is a quick lesson:

A daemon is a program that runs in the back ground on a server. The file serving process is a daemon. The web server is a daemon. Etc. The problem is a daemon has to be running all the time and that takes up system resources like memory and processor time. Inetd, and later called Xinetd, creates a happy medium for lesser used services . It's one very small proceess that listens on several ports. When a program calls the server connecting to a port used for a service, intet is listenning and starts up the server process for that program. It's a little slower because the service is not running when the person connect, but it also means the system resources are only being used when needed.

There are a number of software packages I use that need inetd. In spite of this various distros of unix/linux, in this case Fedora Core 5, do not install xinetd by default. In fact if you choose a server install in FC5, it installs a couple packages that need xinetd, but they still don't install it.

Unless someone can provide some logic to this descision on their part, I'm inclined to think they are fucking idiots for leaving it out.

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