A Quark of A Different Spin. (adameros) wrote,
A Quark of A Different Spin.

More laundry done!!! My room is inching toward cleanliness! Plus, I did the dishes, which I think just about gave Drew a heart attack...

Actually, my cleaning is nicely coinciding with Heather's work load. She has a butt load of homework. This is one busy term for her. Hopefully with Drew and I helping with the editting and proof reading, we're lightening her load. I just wish I was better with English. As the saying goes, "I only speak two languages. bad English, and even worse English." Math was always my forte.

One thing I've noticed through the years, the mind atrophies. I scored a perfect in math on my SAT's, and 100 points off of perfect with my English skills. Right now I would suck at the SAT's. I would have trouble remembering the formula for finding the area of a circle. It's a simple ona common formula, but I never use it. The only formulas I still use, really, are the ones for finding tangents in 3-d space, for then I do ray tracings. The moral of the story is, like muscles, you have to exercise knowledge to keep it.

I wonder if their will still be snow on the hills this weekend? I have a craving to go sledding, and build a snowman.

And those Northern Mexican's had better return my roomie soon!!!

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