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A Quark of A Different Spin.

My sister asked me to pass this along. I have not had a chance to view it, but she's a level headed sort, so I'm sure it's worth reading/viewing. Read/view or skip as you see fit:

Give this program a couple of minutes to load and be patient during the Hebrew introduction.

The introduction of this video is in Hebrew writing,but the actual video is in English. Turn up the volume on your speakers so you don't miss a word.

Not in Germany, but in the US... Not in the 1940's, but right now...

How many of us are really aware of what's happening in our own back yard??

When they refer to "the Jews," they mean ALL OF US, whether observant or not, whether Reform, Recon, Conservative, Orthodox or unaffiliated!!!

They're not scared anymore. In broad daylight, in the middle of downtown, by cynically manipulating the freedom of speech, and with police protection they spread their hate everywhere they can.

Don't stand aside on this, take a stance and make sure that this will never happen again. Forward this Email to as many people you can so every one will know.

The movie is from Israel and it's about the Nazis' of Minnesota filmed on 4/23/2006. Please take a couple of minutes and watch this movie:



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