February 7th, 2001

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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We learned on CNN last week that the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency has a choir which performs at various functions. Hmmm...

The Top 14 Songs Performed by the DEA Choir
14> Amazing Grass
13> Don't Sell It On The Mountain
12> I Can Seize Clearly Now
11> Don't Cry For Me, Noriega
10> Who Let The Drug Dogs out?
9> Take Me To The Reefer
8> Help Me, Ganja
7> 99 Vials Of Crack On The Wall
6> You Dropped A Bong On Me
5> I Fought The Law, And The Law Went Medieval On My Ass
4> Tie A Yellow Ribbon (Round the Whole Crime Scene)
3> Hey, 'Lude
2> Shoot Me Up Before You Go-Go

and the Number 1 Song Performed by the DEA Choir...

1> Yakety Yak, Don't Smoke Crack

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