April 26th, 2001

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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When I was in High School, I was a vocal supporter of the repulican party. Things like this make me extremely ashamed of that, and I now proudly say I'm very non-republican. I just wish my pride at being a non-republican didn't come at the cost of republicans stealing (once again) the rights of we Americans.

Speaking of republicans... As our energy crisis grows, and gas prices are expected to reach over $3 a gallon this summer, what has been done about this? To make things worse, the expected rolling blackouts also affect refineries, driving the price up more. Rather than continuing to look for and work on alternative energies and the like, we are just loosening regulations on drilling, which will be greatly detrimental to the enviroment.

Hopefully the stock markets recent gains are a sign of recovery, as the growing fuel crisis would just adds to the markets problems, and will lead to a nation wide increase in inflation.

Why didn't we elect Alan Greenspan president? He would have the markets in order, and would likely not be diminishing the U.S.'s power in the world. Under Clinton, countries flocked to our side in U.N. votes, now they all vote against us. We had improving relations with China, and they were showing signs of improving their human rights standings, plus they were opening their markets. Now all that progress is being lost.

I'm curious what people in other countries think of our current president, and what they thought of our past Presidents.

When Bush was elected, people said not to worry, he'll be a lame duck President.While this is a bad thing. 4 years of nothing being done, I think it's better than the real outcome. The Democrates are not giving any real opposition to anything.

In four years, will we still have a Bill of Rights?