May 8th, 2001

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A poem my roomie found:
by Joseph R Frost

We're sick of being tired, we all want to get wired.
We just want to tweak, and stay up for a week.
The lights are always on, we are constantly awake,
we go to people's houses, ot see what we can take.
We scrub our carpets with a brush, our floors with a rag,
we clean our house for hours, then chase down the bag.
We're paranoid and schitze, but not afraid of death,
scandalous and dishonest, but loyal to our Meth.
At times we are confused, we can't seem to understand,
what's happened to our lives, why we're the outcast of the land.
At times we act so crazy, people think we are insane,
irrational thoughts are frequently, running through our brain.
What a high it is, for those of us who deal,
slinging all the cutter, so we can do the real.
We come up fast, we make money by the scores,
everyone's our friend, we're surrounded by bag whores.
We all end up in prison, wondering how this hole was dug,
we blame it on society, cause we're loyal to our drug.
While in prison, we build or bodies and improve our stature,
we get out on parole, and again go manufacture.
We don't care about our health, we're not worried about going back,
we don't care about our lives, cause we're loyal to the sack.
So here I sit in prison, unable to get high,
I take it like a man, it's no time for me to cry
Soon i'll be back out, and tempted by the Meth,
I'll have to be much stronger, or be loyal till my death.
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Amber's (*grrr* Sure, don't list me as a "friend" any more... see if I care... *sniff*) fear of swan's is justified:

Swan Lake From Hell

Updated 7:37 AM ET May 8, 2001
OSLO, Norway (Reuters) - A Norwegian swan named Oscar, famous for his short temper, attacked an elderly woman, biting her bottom, dragging her into a lake and ducking her twice before letting go. "Oscar came flying from across the other side of the lake and bit me in the buttocks before dragging me about five meters (yards) into the water and under," Kerstin Arbsved told Reuters Monday.

"He only let me go when my daughter started to throw rocks."

Arbsved said the attack happened as she, her daughter and three small grandchildren were strolling in a nature reserve near the southwestern city Kristiansand Saturday.

Police and medical staff were quickly on the scene and Oscar was immediately put down by police.

Arbsved spent the night in a hospital.

Logicly, I know swans are large, very bad tempered bird. But I don't think I'd EVER admit that I had my ass kicked (or bitten) by one.

It sucks that the bird had to be put down. I'm a strong believer that man and wild animals should have a healthy fear of each other, so they do their best to avoid each other.

Hmmm... How can we foster these fears? Scare small furry animals when ever you can. And when you see kid's doing the same, tell them, "I wouldn't do that... Mr. Chipmunk might have RABIES, AND RIP YOUR FUCKING HEAD OFF, AND THEN BURROW DOWN THROUGH YOUR BODY AND KNIT A LOVELY SWEATER FROM YOUR ENTRAILS!!!!" And if all goes well, the lovely young child will go running home to it's mother, scarred for life, and NEVER wanting to ever see, let alone throw stuff at, another chipmunk, ever. Plus it would be a lot of fun... ;)
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I love the French Connection, U.K. sign at the corner of Ellis and Powell in San Francisco.

Some other business signs I've enjoyed of the years...

"Fuku Sushi"
"What Da Pho"

Also, I highly recommend going to We Be Sushi in Santa Clara (at Wolf and El Camino, next to the Wenchels Doughnuts). They were originally going to open as McSushi, but McDonald's lawyers put an end to that, so they had a contest to pick a good name. They have a hilarious list of rejected names at their resturant. Such things as "Desperately Seeking Sushi" and "So Sue Me Sushi". Plus the sushi is really cheep, and tastes really good (but they skimp on presentation).
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Are we a country in decline? Since the new president took office, we have seen our nation take several blows, home and abroad.

At home, the markets are falling, and we're having power shortages, and sky rocketing fuel prices.

Abroad, we are voted off of the U.N. Human Rights Concil, and the U.N. Consil on Drugs. Also China hit's our plane, in international airspace, on autopilot, and they demand an apology, when we should be the ones yelling and screaming.

Is this the fault of the president? The events at home, I don't blame on our President, but I do feel he is not handling the situations well. So far his answer to these things is to loosen enviromental and safety guidelines. This is a short term solution that will lead to enviromental disasters, and increased injuries at work, which we will be paying for, for years to come.

And the issues abroad, I get the feeling that the rest of the world feels either the President and/or the U.S. is weak. After years of being a world power, we are now being ignored and swept under the rug. More and more often the U.S. is being voted against by allies, and standing alone in the world.

We NEED to turn this arround. Anyone have any ideas?