May 21st, 2001

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Yesterday was fun!!!

Lunch with Kirsten, Jamie, Todd, and Shae.

Then off to the How Weird Street Festival. I hung out there with Shae and Jamie for a while, then Erika showed up. Eventually they left, and then Amber showed up. When Amber showed up I finally got in a "dancing" mode (vaguely moving to the beat). And I got to hang out with Cabiria, who I miss a whole lot.

Finally when it ended, Amber and I went to the Duncan Sheik concert, which was awesome. I must once again stress how much I preffer shows in smaller venues, like Slims.

I did the whole thing sober, which is happening a lot more recently. I'm now of the mind set that, yes I enjoy getting fucked up, but I'd rather save it for special events.

And then woke up, this morning, dead tired.

Now I'm frantically getting ready to leave, as I'm in Virginia from the 22nd to the 27th. Which is good, as I have no money right now, and when I travel, work covers all my expenses. Yeah! :-)