May 27th, 2001

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Well.... I go home today. I'm looking forward to, and dreadding it. I met a lot of really cool people out here, and I had a lot of fun. I especially have to thank Bubbles, a displaced Californian. And her BF, Trip, is really cool also. I also learned, I enjoy darts. Not if I just knew some people where I live who liked to play. Basicly, everynight I went out, got really drunk, and played pool and darts. Except last night. Last night we got really drunk and hung out with Bubbles and Trip. I think I need to find some excuse to make this trip again, soon.

My plane lands at about 6:30 tonight at San Francisco International (SFO). Then it's back to bills and work, and stuff. Though I did really miss my friends back home, also. I can't wait to see John, Erica, Amber, Cabiria, etc. And I miss my bed!

Oh well, I'll be reunited with my bed, and my friends, again, soon. :-)