July 3rd, 2001

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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An era has ended. The infamous Couch Of Doom has been retired. This couch was famous for putting anyone to sleep, being exceedingly tacky, and for amazing amounts of unspeakable debachery. It was a true stoner couch, hiding the stains from the bong water spills nicely.

As I know many of you will morn the loss of the Couch of Doom, but fear not, it is being replaced with the Couch of Bliss. When Jamie first heard that the CoD was departing, she was upset, till she layed on the CoB, and was very elated. I'm sure the rest of you will be pleased also.

Here is the CoB:

If anyone wants the CoD (I'll get a picture of it up tonight), let me know. Or the CoD will take up residence at the local dump. Also, the CoD is a hide-a-bed. It would be perfect for a game room, club house, or frat/sorority house. It has a lovely frat party feel to it. It just screams kegger.

The couch is dead! All hail the couch!
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Some pictures from my trip last weekend...
My grandfather
My grandtahers cat
Jamie, my parents dog (not to be confused with the other Jamie)
Another Jamie picture (too dark, I needed to do a slightly longer exposure)
The next few pictures were supposed to be with Mt. Shasta in the background, but I fucked up, and over exposed the pictures, so you can't even see Shasta...
Shasta 1
Shasta 2
Shasta 3
Shasta 4
Shasta 5
Shasta 6
Here, I under exposed it, but at least you can see the mountain...
Shasta 7
Shasta 8
And, other than the obvious safety issues, why you should never try to take pictures while driving... I thought all my DJ friends would enjoy the sign... :-)
DJ Mecca?

Anyway... I really need to remember to check my camera settings each time I use it...