July 23rd, 2001

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So I precticed for a bit last night. It was painfull seeing how much my skills have atrophied. "Which line is going faster?" "Which cd is providing that drum beat?" I could not keep the beat matched for a few seconds at a time. So basicly, I'm back where I started when I first got the decks.

But I must confess, there are few things as beautiful as the morning light coming up over a mixer and decks:

At some point last night, I took a break, and passed out in the Laz-E-Boy. And I don't know if I was dreaming or half awake, but I'm sure I heard my door bell. But I couldn't move. It was like my mind was grogly awake, but my whole body was still asleep and refused ro move. By the time I got out of my chair, it felt like 20-30 minuted of fighting my body, no one was at the door. I went to bed, and was in that half awake state again, and I'm sure I heard someone knock, but I wasn't checking this time. I was ready to be out.

That was really weird... Usually I'm awake or out. I don't think I've ever gotten stuck in a halfway state before, at least not like that.

So, if one of you was ringing my door bell, or knocking on my door... I'm really sorry. I really did try to answer. Mind you, I can't imagine who would be knocking on my door at midnight.


Ooops... Now the yawn is out there. The rest of you will be forced to yawn also... ;)
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Normally I'm not much of a Letterman fan, but every once in a while his Top Ten List amuses me. Here is the one from last night:

Top Ten Lifeguard Pet Peeves
  1. Fat guys who say, "Lotion me" (from Jones Beach, Michael Gaudi)
  2. People who assume just because you're wearing a bathing suit you know how to swim (from Field 2 Beach, Julie Hahn)
  3. Looks from commuters when you get on subway in trunks and a whistle (from Manasquan Beach, Dave Jordan)
  4. Guys who pretend to be drowning because they enjoy the mouth-to-mouth (from Seven Presidents Ocean Front Park Beach, Michelle Kantor)
  5. Guys who pretend to be drowning because they enjoy the mouth-to-mouth (from Central Mall Beach, Bob Lenti)
  6. Constantly having to remind Letterman it ain't a nude beach (from Field 4 beach, Steve DeCastro)
  7. If you let someone drown, they make you work weekends (from Robert Moses Beach, Ino Puig)
  8. Narrow-minded lifeguards who just can't accept your relationship with the CPR dummy (from Bradley Beach, Stephen Fowler)
  9. When you get right down to it, not many people really look good in a bathing suit (from Zach's Bay Beach, Tara Wilson)
  10. A depressed, overweight David Hasselhoff keeps asking for a job (from Long Branch Beach, Curtis Fox)

Number 5 reminds me of Andrew and I threatening to get naked at Louise and Shae's going away party. I think Louise would have killed us if we did, but the resulting look on her face might have been worth it. ;)
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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The sky is so clear tonight,
It's so calm before the storm.

All of the stars shine so very bright,
Like the world has been reborn.

I think I'm going to dream tonight,
It's still calm before the storm.

But I dream with rising rain,
A sign it's time to leave the world.
--Before the storm, by Darude

Okay... I was transcribing as best as I could hear it, and I think the last word is "world", but I'm not sure.

Anyway... I've been fucking with that track for a couple hours now.

The suprising thing. Yesterdays by Miles Davis played over Touch Me Feel Me by Radude works suprisingly well. Adds a nice meloncoly/desperate feel to the track. I'm not sure anyone else would like it, but I do. Or it might just end up in the pile of things that only amused me, like "The E Roll Polka," and the dance version of "Sit On My Face."

Back to the music.