January 2nd, 2002

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Judd Nelson "John Bender"
The Criminal

John Bender, the "criminal", gets many peoples votes for favorite character. Why? It might have something to do with the quick and hilarious one-liners that come pouring out of his mouth.
Bender's a rule-smashing rebel, who doesn't have a hard time finding trouble.And wouldn't we all like to be a rebel sometimes!?

But underneath his tough-boy exterior, he's actually not all that bad, as his fellow breakfast
club members soon discover...

The role of John Bender was played wonderfully by Judd Nelson, who also starred in another popular 80s movie, St. Elmo's Fire, the same year that The Breakfast Club came out, earning him a title as a member of the "brat pack". Like most of his brat pack buddies, Nelson rose to incredible fame...only to get whisked out of the spotlight after of number of duds came out in theaters. According to friends, the character that Nelson played in The Breakfast Club is pretty close to his real life. He rode a Harley, partied hard, and had a fling with Shannen Doherty