January 15th, 2002

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Friends or foes?

I've had these boots for two years. They have been to Burning Man, Peru, Portland, Los Angeles, Los Vegas, New York, New Jersey, hiking, boating, basicly, everywhere I have been for the last two years.And above all else, they fit!

Then a couple days ago, sitting at my desk, my back just started hurting, on the lower right hand side. The pain is almost gone now, but it really hurt. I was talking to my Dad yesterday, and he mentioned that his back does the same thing when his shoes are worn out.

I guess it's time to get new boots, which sucks, as I'm really fond of this pair. We have so much history together.

Why is it, as soon as shoes are really comfy, it's time to toss them?

What to get this time around? My feet are huge, one is a 12.5, the other is a 13.5. And they are skinny, a b width. It is almost impossible to find footwear that fits. Norm Thompson sometimes has stuff that fits, but they don't exist in the Bay Area. New Balance comes in widths, but the store usually has to order them for you.

Besides, I want boots. I love boots. They are great for climbing the spontanious mountains of paperwork between you and your real work.

Oh well... I'll see if my back starts bugging me again, and I'll see about getting new boots.