March 8th, 2002

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Tonights entertainment...

Once again, looking for something completely tasteless and without any redeeming qualities, like Kentucy Fried Movie, we have tonights show, Inbred Rednecks.

The description from the box:
Get ready for a cockfightin', beer drinkin', ass-whoopin' good time! This outrageous comedy is the winner of three international awards, including Hollywood Onlines Top Underground Film of 1998! Billy Bob, Joe Bob, Clovis, and Bubba have a dream: to strike it rish cockfighting their enormous rooster, cleverly named Bigass Rooster, across North Carolina and Tennessee. But when they defeat the villainous Monty, the enraged redneck and his bumbling thugs decide to steal Bigass, earning some quick dough and beloved revenge at once. This sets into action a hillarious journey as our heroic hillbillies trek out to recover the bird. Filled with beautiful girls, bar fights, car chashes, genuine cockfighting, and wacky characters like Mad Dog and Sweatmeat the Midget, INBRED REDNECKS is one helluva good time you'll not soon forget!

STONER CLASSIC OF THE YEAR 1999 - Screaming Stoner Video

One and all are invited to come partake in this obviously under rated masterpiece of cinematography. So, leave your brain at home, bring the PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) or Hamm's (from the land of sky blue waters), and come watch this "classic" with us. I'm thinking tonight, with a possible rescreening tomorrow night. Bring your own spitoon.

Some reviews:

"One must applaud something as funny, revolting, politically incorrect and outright disgusting as director Joshua P. Warren's new southern epic Inbred Rednecks."
~Jim Bartoo, Hollywood Online

"Get this video NOW!"
~Screaming Stoner Video

"This is a damn good movie."
~Chip Lamey, Video Crypt

"At times it had me in tears."
~Allen Richards, B-Film Digest

"Drive-In Academy Award nominations . . . Joe Bob says check it out."
~Joe Bob Briggs, "Joe Bob Goes to the Drive-In"

Disclaimer: No, I have not seen this, it's just looks delightfully stupid.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Woo Hoo!!! Work gave me an excellent review with a fat bonus!!! :-)

With this I should get all my debit, except Pepe (my truck), paid off. I will be in the clear and livin' large!

Plus I should be getting a good sized refund from my taxes, which will also help things.

And finally, with the remainder, I should be able to fund my Burning Man trip this year, and my trip to Scottland.

Oh, and I'll get the upstairs toilet fixed.

Speaking of Burning Man... I had an idea for a theme, or side theme... Get some three to four foot long foam tubes for swimming pools. Paint them like giant penis, and run a squirt gun up the center. Attach them to belts, with handcuffs and the squirting mechanism on the back, and a huge feathery tail out of the back. Put them on people, with their hands cuffed behind them, and then we have "Cock Fights". Judges score people in three minute melees, and the final winner get's an appropriately titled award. (I'm still thinking of a good name for the award, so if you have suggestions, post them here.) Easy, fun, silly, entertaining, and just a little bit wrong. Sounds perfect. :-)

I need to get an accurate head count for who is going with us. I think synapsepi, skrape, and a couple others, but we need to reserve our place, soon, so we have good placement and enough space. I was thinking of getting the metal brackets, and making a geodesic dome using eight or ten foot two by fours or two by sixs. And possibly putting a second floor n the inside. The problem is, I don't think I can get all those materials out there myself, or that I have enough people there to help me build it.

And that's about it for now.