May 1st, 2002

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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I was imparting acinent computer guru wisdom to lyrina, so I might as well pass it on to the rest of you...
Gweeping is a term from days gone by. Let's set into the Way Back Machine. Back when people used video teletype systems, or TTY's. The beep it would make sounded like a "gweep". There for if you were working at a terminal, you were "gweeping". So, if you are spending an extended amount of time at a computer, you are gweeping, or if it's rather technical in nature, you are "gweeping out".
So, gweep on, and do not forget get your teletype roots.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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One of the weirdest spams I've gotten yet:
FROM : Mr. Kami Oboboh

Dear Sir,

I write to solicit your assistance for a transaction of mutual benefit; believing that you will treat this with utmost confidence. I implore you to excuse me of any embarrassment this letter might cause you, as we have not met before.

I am Mr. Kami Oboboh, son of the late Mr. Ahmed Oboboh. It happens that five months ago, my father who was the Chairman of the Committee set up by the Sierra Leone Government to monitor the revenue generation from the sales of Diamonds, died after engaging in a motor accident on his way home from a National conference in Freetown. He was admitted in the hospital for eight (8) days before he finally died. While I was with him in the hospital, he disclosed
a secret to me which am about to share with you.

Before my father finally died in the hospital, he told me that he has USD16,000,000.00 (Sixteen Million United States Dollars) cash in a trunk box coded and deposited in a security company in Spain as a bonded shipment. He said the security company is not aware of it's contents, that on producing a document which am now in possession of, I will only have to pay the demurrage, after which the box will be released to me.

He further advised me not to collect the money without the assistance of a foreigner who will open a local account in favour of his company for onward transfer of the funds to his nominated overseas account where l can peacefully invest the money. He said as a civil servant, it would not be wise for me to declare such amount of money, and l would face lots of problems at the bank if l try to deposit the funds in my name without the assistance of foreigner.

After the burial rights, my late father's brothers came to the house accusing my mother of masterminding my father's death in order to inherit his wealth. With this accusation, they drove my mother and her children (my sister and l) away from the house. They did not allow us take anything out of the house. We then went to my mother's family house to live there. My mother went through everyday in sorrow, little did we know that her life was in danger. We
returned to the house one day to meet her on the ground dead, she was murdered. It was really painful. After this period, things became very difficult for us, and with the on going war, we had to travel to Ivory Coast as refugees. We have since been in Ivory Coast on refugee status.

The problem l am faced with, is that l do not have the funds to enable me embark on a trip to Spain in order to be able to get the deposit released from the Security Company. Because of the financial situation am faced with, I implore you to see how you can assist me get over to Spain. I do not mind, if you would go to Spain first to verify the presence of the shipment at the Security company, before arranging for me to join you in Spain. Please see how
you can be of assistance, we really have to get out of this financial crises.

If you would help me, please take note of the following:

1. That this transaction is treated with Utmost confidence, cooperation and absolute secrecy which it demands.

2. That the money would be transferred to an account where the incidence of taxation would not take much toll.

3. You would assist in paying the demurrage/handling charges, and also assist me in getting over to Spain.

4. You would have 20% of the funds for your assistance.

If you would assist me, l would also be willing to go into investment partnership with you in your country, so that we would have a long lasting business relationship.

Please contact me at once if you can be of assistance, send your response to

Yours sincerely .

Kami Oboboh
Weirdness... Just when I was getting used to spammers thinking I needed bigger boobs.