August 26th, 2002

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I was in crisis mode yesterday. Last week my father went in for a colonoscopy(sp?) to have some non-cancerous palups removed. Some as large as my little finger. This went with out a hitch, and they gave him a clean bill of health, and told him he was safe to travel for work. So he went to a road show in Las Vegas, where something went wrong. Yesterday morning I got a call from my Mom that my Dad was in intensive care on oxygen abd getting whole blood, that he had internal bleed somewhere in his small intestines, and they don't know where. By last night he was off the oxygen and blood, and just on a saline drip, but still unable to travel, to go home to Oregon.

To me, it is very important that he get's out of Nevada ASAP. Last week, on NPR/KQED they were saying that Nevada has no medical specialists right now. The laws concerning malpractice have caused the insurance costs for doctors to rise so much that they have all left the state. So, if my fathers condition worsens, they would be less able to care for him.

This brings an other question, Nevada is a tourist state, inviting people to their state for conventions, gambling, weddings/honeymoons, skiing, off roading, camping, etc, etc, etc. Isn't the state, in encouraging people to come to their state, assuming responsability for these people, and there for liabable for having acceptable health care for guests?