November 26th, 2002

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From lyrina:

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<a href="">Which Animaniacs Character are You?<br>
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<h6>Did you ever think you were a Well, you are. You're silly and playful, often to point of wacky outbursts, and nonsensical rambling. You're the type who'd talk in an English accent just to be different. You like to be prepared, as well, even if the things you bring with you don't necessarily make sense. You're good at making stuff up on the spot, and tend to have to use the bathroom at lot.
<a href=""><br>Click here to see my Livejournal.</a></h6>
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New music!!! Tower is finally getting some decent stuff in their electronic section, though I wish they would sub divide it up more. Any way, the music selection du jour:
AphroditeAftershockBest of the selection. Some good Jungle and D'n'B
DJ Mark FarinaMushroom Jazz 4Something about Mushroom Jazz that just exudes sexual energy.
The GourdsShineboxThis is the band that did the blue grass cover of Gin And Juice, not Phish, ya fuckin moron.
ShaggyLucky DayI wanted some psuedo reggae for dancing and smoking to. I think this will work.
TelepopmusikGenetic WorldI got this for sentamental reasons. While at the F'n'F party at Camp'n'Sons this year, they played "Breathe" while we were lounging in the pond surrounded by beautiful naked people. It was the perfect track, at the perfect time, in the perfect place.
various artistsThe Electronic Tribute To The DoorsSome ambient IDM, some cheesey trance. It's okay, but not great.

Damn it... I need to go to a good outdoor party, right about now. Something in the desert, with the stars out, and the bass thumpin'.
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I know the new toy I need to get. Zero Toys have a smoke machine gun that shoots smoke rings upto 14 feet. Now combine this with the bioluminescent stuff you can add to water to make it glow brightly for 15 minutes, and it would look so cool.

Hmmm... I was looking for a link to the bioluminescent stuff, but I can't find it. I know a couple years ago it was available for sale. Anyone know what this stuff was called, and if it's still available?