March 28th, 2003

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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I saw this on sos_usa:

Support Our Troops Protected
For those of you who believe that our soldiers have been ordered into a war without a lawful declaration by Congress...

For those of you who believe that our soldiers are dying not in defense of our great nation, to invade a downtrodden country that our own administration has admitted is far weaker than it was ten years ago, that UN weapons inspectors say is well on the way to total disarmament...

For those of you who believe that our president - who somehow got ahead of line in a waiting list thousands long to join our non-invasive National Guard, who was Absent Without Leave for months from his post without reprimand, and who even now is joining his administration in cutting away health and pension benefits for war veterans - have no right to send our brave men and women to a distant land to take the lives of men, women, and children...

For those of you who believe our service members are being used and discarded, expendable pawns in the interests of our government's global plans...

In an Orwellian twist of fate, the Bush administration has wrapped its forked tongue around the sanctity of Freedom, Liberty, Mom, God, and Apple Pie. Our government has used up our soldiers like grist in the mill, robbing them of their vitality, tarnishing the pride and honor of our noble soldiers by calling them into brutal acts of death and destruction - all under the guise of a noble imperative, cloaked in the shroud of 9/11, while maliciously attacking those who speak up against these abuses as being un-American or as being against our troops.

Ask a soldier if he would prefer to die for an Iraqi. Or if he is be happy to lay down his life for President Bush. Or if he would gladly take the hit for a war that our nation has not declared. Or lose his left lung and half his bowels while invading another country. Ask him if he really wants to fight in a war with lots of bombs dropping on men, women, and children the same age as his family back home. Then ask him... If he were to die, would he prefer to die in defense of his country instead?

Not all soldiers want this war. They do it because they made a pledge to serve - not necessarily because their believe in the rightness of it all. When you speak up, you give voice to soldiers who are not at liberty to speak. When you speak up, you draw attention to the ugly truth behind the coating of whitewash that our government tries to paint over by making tenuous connections between 9/11 and Iraq. When you speak up against this war, you are advocating what you feel is best for our troops. It shows that you care. It shows that you refuse to let an antagonistic administration disregard the sanctity of the lives of your fellow Americans serving this country.

I support our troops by not wanting their lives to be lost to a government eager to send brave young men and women to their deaths in pursuit of material goals, under a banner of lies and deceit.

I support our troops. Do you?
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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How does our "President" support our troops? With a $14 billion cut to veterans affairs. It looks like his support for our troops is just lip service.