May 22nd, 2003

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Doing my part to preserve history:

Date: Thu, 22 May 2003 14:11:24 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Washington County rural history in the making.

I'm hoping the CPO is the place to ask this...

I recently moved back to Oregon and now live in Tigard. The area is quickly being over run with housing and the rural history and culture is rapidly receding.

Are there any projects to preserve (either physically, photographically, or otherwise) the rich rural history of Washington County? Much like we enjoy looking at old photos to see how things have changed, I believe that 50 to 100 years from now, when Roy Rogers Rd. is a major street lined with car dealerships and strip malls, people will enjoy seeing how the area grew, and what it was.

It occurred to me as I was out photographing farms near my house, that perhaps someone or group is out there recording these things. If so, I would love to see their work and if they would like assistance, I would love to contribute. If no one is, given how cheap digital cameras and storage space is, it might be a wonderful and valuable time capsule that can grow as Washington County does.

-Adam Harrison

Who knows, if this works out, this might get me extra access to county events. Being a designated photographer for the yearly hot air balloon races would be a blast! And the drag races. And various shows. But I'm counting my chickens before they've even been concieved.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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What I think would rock, and might bring the digital vs. film world together...

A digital enlarger. Of the people I know that love working in the darkroom, they hate developing the negatives, it's the working with paper that they love.

Plus, with an enlarger you can do something you can not do with a printer. These things are few and far between, but one that comes to mind, projecting images on uneven surfaces. Like blowing an egg, so it's empty, soaking it in silvernitrate solution, and then projecting the image on the egg to put the picture on an egg (great for easter gifts). Or printing on anything other than paper.

But when most data projectors are of such low resolution that they would not work for this, the technology maybe out of reach for many years.