June 5th, 2003

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It's just past 2am and I can't sleep. It's hot and humid here in Seattle.

Reading about T-Rays has me wondering what range of radiation energy can digital images work with (I'm thinking standard CMOS and CCD imaging)? I'm sure they have digital x-ray machines, and they have digital cameras tuned (or can be tuned) for infrared photography. (most digital cameras have an infrared filter built in, which can be removed, if you are brave enough to open you camera. And there are lenses for digital cameras to block most everything but the infrared.

It has been a reoccurring thought of mine, that they need to make an optional file format, and digital camera's to suport said file format, that records information extending above and below visiable light. And then a utility that would alow you to color shift up and down the spectrum. Basicly allowing you to do a color and an infrared picture in one.

Applications for this? I think it would allow more creative freedom for artists. And I can't help but think of how this would turn a normal telescope to an infrared telescope, allowing great advances in amatuer astronomy.

Time for some water, and then to try to return to sleep.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Questions from aaangyl:

  1. Name five of the most beautiful things about yourself, things that you also seek out and appreciate mirrored in others.

    I'm not feeling very beautil at the moment, so I will just put the aspects of myself that I try to stress and improve apon.

    • Kindness: Compation, mercy, and charity.
    • Inteligence/Wisdom: What you person knows, their reasoning ability, and the willingness to learn new things.
    • Creativity: Creative self expression.
    • Active: Not just wanting to sit on the couch watching TV.
    • Adventurous: A willingness and desire to go do new things and explore.

  2. Tell me what the hardest thing you've experienced so far in 2003 taught you.

    It's a tough one. I lost my job. I lost my home. And I lost the woman I love. I would have to say it breaking up with Heather was and still is extremely hard.

  3. If you could release yourself from one major hangup for the rest of your life (in exchange for a new major hangup, of course, cuz that's life), what would it be, and why? What do you think that hangup is rooted in?

    I tend to base my self worth on what I think others think of me. Why? I was the geeky, scrawny, outcast kid growing up. With no friends, and dailly getting beat up. Once I got to college, I started meeting people and hanging out with people. The attention and feeling like I belong was/is like a drug. I feel happy amoung friends and when I feel loved. And when I am not loved or amoung friends, I tend to feel there must be something wrong with me and get depressed.

  4. What makes you feel the most sacred? How do you make yourself feel like the God(dess) you are?

    When I make others happy. I feel good. I suppose it could be close to feeling sacred.

  5. Do you have a "The List"? If you do, post it where I can see it. If not, answer explaining why not. If not, I additionally challenge you to start working on one over the course of the next week, and post it next Thursday. (I don't mean the "fuckable qualities" List, I mean the "stuff I want, need, desire, and sprinkles on top" from a Good Relationship List.)

    Not really. As long as they cover most of the five things listed above. On, and a beautiful smile. That's a big one. Some people guys talk about boobs or, ass, or figure. You spend 5%-10% of the time looking at the body. But you spend 90%-95% looking at the face, and that is how I usually base a visial evaluation on. So, a smile that lights the room, and causes their eye to twinkle ranks as the most important physical trait, usually. But mental aspects usually rate higher than physical aspects. I find my view of a persons personality greatly colors my view of them physically. A "hottie" with a shitty attitude will often look ugly, and someone ofa less conventional beauty will appear amazing if they have a great attitude.

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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I thought I was witty. Really.

I thought it would be amusing to write a mordern parody of transendentalist works. Where the lead character would go to nature to find peace, but instead finds the the cruelity or survival that mirrors and rivals the horrors that take place in the city.

The character starts out naive and trusting of nature. And with his heart on his sleeve, comically stumbles into mishap after mishap (slapstick), slowly stripping him of everything.

Finally the character was to climb the mountain and meet the wise man. the wise man would inform him that "Kindness/love would give him all he needs." The "hero" then kicks the wise man in the nuts, and pushes him off the mountain, sit's down, and becomes the new "Wise Man", expounding, in his now very cynical and jaded way, that only the strong survive.

With the possibilty of an alternate ending, where a cute, beautiful, tiny butterfly some how cause him (or a rock above him) to lose it balance, ending in the meek surviving, and showing there is no security in strength.

I have restarted this 15 times. Hence the poor style. It's showing the jagged edges of being ripped apart and reassmebled many times. A still have not een able to make anything funny. each time I write it, it just comes out more and more bitter sounding.

I was hoping for a mix of Kurt Vonnegut and Dave Barry. All I got was sad schlock.

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