June 11th, 2003

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Okay. I did a lot of work yesterday water sealing the deck. My muscles are sore. I deserve a treat. I'm filling up the jacuzi bath tub with bubble bath and hopping in. Who's coming? :-)
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Looking at this picture of the universe, I immediately noticed the black elipses. Those elipses are where they blackened out the map because there was a star so bright they couldn't see beyond or around it. This leads to my question... Given the sizes of the objects in space, how far out from the earth would a satelite have to go to effectively see around them, taking into account how gravity bends light, making things appear where they are not?

Who said you would never need calculus in real life? :-)
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A couple things...

First, why do journal rating communities always rate on lay-out and almost never on content? I mean, how often do you look at anyone layout but your own, as that what you see when you look at you friends. So why do they put lay-out as such a high priority, when it's the content that everyone sees?

Second, I _NEED_ a job in Seattle. Then Shae can get her studio, then Louise and I can recreate the Cesspool (in a clean form this time). Hmmm... This leads to another thought...

How much to rent a whole housing community? You know the places that have a dozen cottages and a community building. Get the whole Seattle Crew living in the same complex, and see if we can get a group rate. Or maybe the 12 bed room castle Sabrina was mentioning. It's haunted, so it's going for $2800/month. Sound Garden even lived there.And it's a castle. That would be the bomb! For a chance to live with us there, I'm thinking even perpetualfog would transfer to UW! ;)
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I am not: employed.
I hurt: When I feel unwanted.
I love: being loved.
I hate: rollercoasters.
I fear: Helplessness. Being alone.
I forget: positive aspects of myself.
I remember: Being surrounded by friends, crowded into Casa de Cesspool.
I imagine: going to foriegn lands and having adventures.
I hope: that I make others happy.
I crave: new experiences.
I regret: not finding someway to keep things as they were.
I care: family and friends.
I always: try to be funny.
I want: to be independently wealth, so my being poor doesn't ever mess things up again.
I feel alone: anywhere, but with a few select people.
I listen: to people, as it's easier to listen than to open up and expose myself.
I hide: from responsability.
I pretend: I can take everything with grace.
I drive: people up the wall.
I sing: poorly.
I cry: when I feel truely alone.
I destroy: concepts.
I dance: when inebriated.
I write: but I will never be a writer.
I wake: to the dog leaving me for food.
I breathe: the essence of life.
I play: word games and puzzles.
I venture: into darkened rooms with loud music.
I find: patterns.
I pray: to gods I do not believe in.
I miss: but my aim is improving.
I kiss: those I love.
I succeed: when I try my least.
I search: for knowlege.
I learn: through experience.
I feel: time passing.
I know: a thing or two.
I joke: in a self depricating way.
I say: random factoids.
I change: light bulbs.
I fail: to get a job, keep my home, and keep the woman I love.
I dream: of people.
I believe: humor.
I wonder: what tomorrow holds.
I want: the physical and financial freedom to see and experience all the world has to offer.
I worry: about finances
I wish: I was smart enough, good looking enough, and interesting enough to keep the ones I love.
I fight: for friends.
I need: to be loved and needed.
I am: human
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According to this, I will live in a mansion, drive a silver ferrari, marry skrape, have 3 kids, and and work as a CEO in San Diego.

I wonder if the dealership will just give me the Ferrari now.