July 17th, 2003

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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I love collections of cart art.

Someday, I will own this chair.

The internet/spam soapbox.

The buzz word generator. You may be clueless, but at least you can make everyone else feel clueless too.

America's Stupidest Home Cat Videos.

The Matrix, ascii style. (Someone had aalib and way too much time on their hands.)

I don't know about this one, but it would be amusing if it's true...

Not a joke. IXL Pharma Ltd. from England has just launced a new pharmaceutical product called IMATARD. UK Trademark Redistration #2329456. Particulars for this trademark registration are below in case anyone here thinks they need IMATARD.

Trade Mark Details


Mark Text :



Status: Advertised

Class: 05


Relevant Dates

Filing Date: 15.04.2003


Publication in Trade Marks Journal

Journal Page Publication Date First Advert 6484 13.06.2003


List of goods and/or services

Class 05: Pharmaceutical goods and preparations all for human use.


Names and Addresses

Proprietor: IXL Pharma Ltd Manor House,Victors Barns,Brixworth,Northamptonshire,NN6 9DQ

Residence Country: United Kingdom Customer's Ref: DJB/JH/ 144 ADP Number: 0820068001


Why let Iraq and N. Korea have all the fun, when you can buy your own uranium, but you can't get flash powder for fireworks. That might hurt someone.

As a tangent, we have uranium in our house! Really! We have this antique salt bowl that is made of uranium glass. Basicly glass with uranium in it, giving it a day-glo yellow color. It glows so freakin' bright under a black light. This means the race is on. Will I die of cancer (radiation) or of high blood pressure and related problems (salt)? Taking bets now. :-)
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Woo Hoo! I'm "Radioactive Man!"

I was reading about the uranium glass we have, and found this tid bit...

We all are living under varieties of naturally existing radiations on the earth.
Indeed, we ourselves have radioactive substances in our body.

For instance, a human body contains natural potassium, equivalent to about 0.2% of his body weight.
This natural potassium is a radioactive substance.
Therefore, if he weighs 50 kg, he has a radioactivity of about 3000 Bq.

In other words, his body has about 3000 emissions of corpuscular and electromagnetic radiations from potassium in a second, throughout his all life.

And that's not even taking into account Carbon-14.

Now if only I could glow in the dark. Now THAT would be cool.