August 4th, 2003

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EBay, here I come!!!

We cleaned the garage yesterday.

Amoung the treasures...

  • Singer Featherweight - With all the options, and it's in aazing condition. I've been told they sell for $1500 amoung collectors, but they seem to be going for a mere $500 on e-bay.
  • A very nice antique steamer trunk.
  • Kodak Brownie Starmite camera - These only got for about $10 on e-bay, so I think I will keep it. It takes 127 film.
  • Kodak Duaflex IV camera - Again, only going for $10, so I'll keep it. It's a twin reflex. This one and the Brownie no-focus camera. Basicly the point and shoot of the olden days. This one uses 620 film, which I'm not sure they even make any more. It also has the slower (f-15) Kodet lense, which I'm sure lowers the value further.

There were lot's of other stuff, but these were the ones that interested me.

I've taken the cameras apart and cleaned and lubed them. If I can find film for them, I might take them out for a test run, to see what quality of pictures they produce. Both are square format, which will be a little different for me, in composing the images.
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Cool new lighting toy...

As I see my friends all pack up and get ready to go to Burning Man, you can not fathom how much I miss the people, the art, and the playa.

I could probably catch a free ride. I could probably afford the tickets. But then there is the food and water and everything else. The ticket is the cheapest part of going. This years theme is all about spirituality and beliefs. The theme fits how I feel about the event in general. It's like a spiritual journey for me. And I think with the theme meshing, it would be so over whelmingly beautiful.

Maybe next year...
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I took out the steamer chest to photo, for putting on e-bay, and it is NICE! The outside needs some care, but the inside is spotless, and the mechanics and locks work great. And they only seem to be selling for about $50 on e-bay. I may keep it also. The down side is, it's HEAVY. The really nice ones go for as much as about $150. And they are around $80 for shipping and handling. I'm not sure it's worth selling on e-bay. Selling locally, where people would be willing to pay more on the base cost, if they could pick it up themselves.

It's diminsions are 41"x22"x15"
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A little help, for when you start to sag.

Train your kids to be anime geeks!

Hurricanes kill hundreds each year. Cause billions of dollars of damage each year. People hate and loath huricanes. Can we please have some hurricanes named to fit with our ethnic group? While I'm not opposed to this idea, I just have to wonder why you would want your ethnic names used to represent something that is hated by and causes strife for millions.

Why is it, when women discuss sex, it's clinical. When men discuss sex, it becomes a bragging/put-down contest? [Insert obligatory "I'm better in bed than you are" comment.]

e-monkeys at keyboards.

It's wierd. The crossword should be easiest on Monday, and gradually get harder, with sunday being the most difficult. I peak on Thursday. I can always finish the Thurrsday crossword, and the further from Thursday, in either direction, the harder it is for me. I think that is because, early in the week, they seem to have current events in music, theater, and sports. And Friday and Saturday, the tend to refference classical works and authors a lot. Where as Wednesday and Thursday, they have a more science orientation. I have no proof of this, just vague recollections. Perhaps, as the week goes on, it doesn't get harder, the focus just shifts.
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I get to play nurse for my Grandfather again. This is not a bad thing, other than I will have very limited online time starting Wednesday, till... I'm not sure.

He is having cataract surgery, so he will be blind, and not supposed to move his head around, or lift heavy things. You know, all the usual stuff.

This brings me to a pre-movie gripe. I was thinking we should see Pirate of the Carribean before he had the surgery, so he would be up on pirate speak, while he's wearing an eye patch. But I have since been informed that none of the pirates wear patchs in the movie. What's up with that?