August 10th, 2003

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Both Seattle and Portland have 1stThursday's. I think they both have Saturday Markets. And now Portland is getting a their own version of Pikes Place Market. I'm thinking that these two cities should be the twin two year old cities. What one has, the other has to have too. So, any bet's on how long until they build a Portland Space Needle?
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The first couple links, thanks to aaangyl:
And the word of the day is... (I expect to see all of you using the word in daily conversation today!)

I love how obscure Muppets refferences pop up everywhere.

It undulates. It pulsates. It winks at you. It moons you!

You know you want him for Governor!

Why can't the make the faces not look like they had birth defects? It not arrousing, just plain scary.

Fashion hurts. And sometime it just tastes bad.

The life (and death) of a groupie.

Now THIS is how sports commentary should be done.
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Last night, I went to a cd/record swap party. I'm finding that Portland does have a good dj music scene, but the only good music to be found is on vinyl. This leaves me pretty much S.O.L.. I went to Platinum Records, the premer dj shop in Portland, and most of the CD's on their wall were a couple years old and I already owned! I am missing Distraction's selection of new and excellent music (Distractions on the Haight, in S.F.. Their music buyer is a genius!)

Anyway, why is it I am always a sucker and get groovy lounge music? I listen to it on the head phones and I think it sounds great. I get home and play it on the speakers, and it sounds like crap that I would never dance to.

So, I managed to get someone to take my "This is Hard House" compelation and got:

  • Aaron Simple Volume 6.1 (euphoric trance and breaks)
    I'm really liking this one, except track 15. I don't know what he was on when I though up track 15, but I'm guessing he was mixing DMT, E, and nitros in very liberal doses.)
  • Sublevel
    It's some nice dancable funky grooves. Not as fast as the Aaron Simple cd, but not slow enough to be downtempo. Kind of an odd inbetween speed/feel. But it's something I can play and won't put people to sleep, but won't have them all jittery either.
  • Midnight Snack Volume One
    Why, oh why?!?!? Why do I do this to myself. I hate lounge, but I keep buying it!When I see the NakedMusic logo, I should know to run the other direction! Anyone want to trade this for some DnB, Jungle, or Breaks? Please? Pretty please?

Anyway, I need to check out a local club, Level 8. A couple people who seemed to have good taste invited me to go there after the party, but I had other obligations and couldn't make it. They were all heading over in shorts and t-shirts, so I'm guessing the club doesn't have your normal overbearing negative fashion victim vibe (read, 1015 Fulsom).

Finally, to finish off this music post, I was listening to NPR (I think it was Fresh Air, but I could be wrong), and they had a bit on a new music style appearing in Spain. It's called Bastardo Bacelona. Basicly a fusion of electronic and hip-hop beats to flaminco. It's very dancable. Has a nice beat for mixing, and sound a little different from what you normally here. I'm thinking it's time to check out the world music section and get a new toy.
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Damn, just as I was really getting into the interview meme, it seems to be dying down.

But, hoping for one last hurrah...

Does anyone want to interview me, or be interviewed? Again?
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Wierd. I have a friend up here, wanting to try DMT, which is Schedule I (very illegal), but I found at least 3 science supply stores selling it. I don't think it's worth the risk for him to order it, but it's still wierd.