August 22nd, 2003

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If your initials were also the initials of some organization or sign? What possible organizations or signs could they be?

My initials are AEH:
Association of Erratic Hairdressers (I've been listening to Morrissey again...)
The Auto Erotic House
Assholes Enter Here
Americans for Eclectic Hippys
Assembly of Engaging Hermits

Okay, it's early. Maybe I will think up better ones later.

What can you come up with, for your initials?
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Kind of a cool study on how people walk.

It's no more Mr. Nice RIAA.

There is no better way to start the day than flash videos of metal bands doing covers of shitty Britney Spears songs. I present Brainshake playing Baby One More Time.

Because men need freedom.

Are you white trash?

You know... I always wondered how police got the nickname "pigs"...

Hehehehe!!!! Sorry... I'm laughing too hard to think of anything witty to say... BWHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

I'm not sure the reporter was this seriously when he chooses quotes like, '"It was a good leg, the best I ever had," said Webb, 34, of New Port Richey. "It's out there somewhere."'

And you thought it was hard getting laid here!

Steven King: Wanted felon in Oklahoma.
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With the snipper shootings in Charleston, I wonder how long will we hear the anti-gun cries, and what the NRA's rebutal will be. It's amazingly disturbing what bits of information we remember and which ones we forget. For example, who can name any of the Washington D.C. victims? Anyone? Beueller? Beueller? Now, who can name the president of the NRA at that time? That's right, Charleston Heston. I don't think we (myself included) are remembering the people who should be remembered.
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Let's step into the Way Back Machine, and turn it all the way back to a week ago. The Blackout had just happened. Every patriotic American was blaming Canada. From Mayor Bloomberg on down to the scum that call in to Howard Stern were trying to roast Canada. Now it turns out it is the fault of the U.S.. Have we appologized for jumping the gun? Anyone at all? Or are we as Americans not tough enough to stand up and admit when we were wrong?
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Arg. I find a bunch of cool old rural buildings, like this church converted into a barn, and several other interesting structures. Then I lose my camera. Now that I've got it back, the weather is bad. I was hoping to get some richly color sunset shots. But those will have to wait.

This bring another question... How does one find out the history of buildings? Like the church. When I scouted, there are no signs remainning on the outside. It would be nice to include little factoids about the structures, with the pictures. Thing like the name, maybe previous owners, or when the building we built.