October 24th, 2003

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Northern Lights tonight!!!!

KATU says:
PORTLAND - The northern lights may make a rare appearance in southern skies this weekend.
The aurora borealis may be visible on the Oregon horizon Friday and Saturday nights as streams of charged particles from the sun reach Earth.

Experts say there's also a possibility a solar storm could bedevil power grids and cause a temporary loss of electricity.

Satellite, radio and navigation transmissions also could be disrupted.

Auroras are more common in Alaska and other polar regions, but especially strong solar activity can cause them to be seen well south of their usual northern confines.

Mostly clear skies are forecast in Oregon the next few days, making viewing possible.

But even that's no guarantee. Jim Todd, planetarium manager at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, said auroras - and how impressive they'll be - are difficult to predict.

"We may be just on the edge of where an aurora will be visible," he said Thursday. "So we'll just have to wait and see."

Todd recommends would-be aurora watchers find a place away from city lights with a clear view of the northern horizon a few hours after sunset. He said the aurora may appear as a "low-grade glow" rather than spectacular green, red and blue displays.

"It may look like haze or fog - sometimes you can be looking right at it and not be aware that it's an aurora," Todd said.

"Just watch for a while and see whether it changes, which indicates it's an aurora you're looking at."

Two massive eruptions from dark sunspots labeled 484 and 486 on the sun's surface are responsible for the phenomenon. The explosions hurled coronal mass ejections into space - one on Wednesday and the other on Thursday morning.

Chris Balch, a scientist with the Space Environment Center in Boulder, Colo., a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, said the strongest solar event, which is expected to arrive today, could produce a moderate geomagnetic storm with a potential for affecting power grids.

"There's usually a two-day delay before these events reach Earth, so we'll continue to take measurements to get a better idea of their strength."

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As a friend points out:

ever notice how car salesmen are just like the zombies? you drive up and park, and they all start walking toward you from here and there across the lot, not hurrying, but determined, and trying to get there first--yikes! brings back that scariest movie experience ever

There you have it. Forget the haunted house, head over to the used car lot for thrills and chills. ;)
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I posted this else where, and I thought I would share with you my problems with Suicide Girls, and how I think a porn site should be run:

I'm curious as to why SG is still as popular as it is.

The harrassment some of the members got when they tried to leave was horrible, like something you would expect from a cult.

Also SG isn't really body positive. An overwhelming number of the girls are white and appeear anorexic. And then they air-brush/edit the pictures, basicly saying, "your body isn't good enough, so we're going to clean it up."

Then the non-unionization, and other things.

How I would like to see a site set up, mind you this might be to complex to manage, and (as usual) I'm talking out of my ass...

I think an image hosting site, where girls put up their own pictures. They decide what pictures they want up and can pull them down at any time. The models are charged one or two cents per picture per month to cover disk usage (or something based on their disk usage), and to discourgare the wasting of space with frivolous pictures. Members, like normal, are charged a flat monthly fee. From that fee the site extracts operating costs. Then, from the remainder models are paid based on how many of their pictures were downloaded (with restriction that if a user down loads the same picture twice, and model only gets paid for one download, so friends don't go in and hit reload over and over to rack up money for the model).

The models manage themselves. All the information for payroll and billing should be in the logs.

But, like I said, I'm just talking out of my ass...
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Ahhh... I spent all afternoon pruning my grandfathers apple tree. If how I feel right now is any indication, I am going to have mondo back muscles!

He is heading off for elk hunting Monday and I will be house sitting for him next week. As he only has dial up, this will limit my online time, and make it so I will not be able to upload pictures (as your bandwidth gives a great sigh of relief...).

So, I thinking I will head out about 10 for the Northern Lights. I'm not expecting much, how south Portland is, but I've never seen them before, so any amount is good.

So, as I'm house sitting a large house, and there is plenty of room to spare, who's coming to visit? :-)