November 5th, 2003

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*grumble* Such a talented Puppy, Daisy is... *grumble*

I went to the story to get milk and stamps, and came back to find Daisy at the top of the drive way. She managed to dig out past the 3'long by 3/8th" diameter rebar I sunk, and reinfoced the fence with. Well, the rebar is back in place now, and backed with a 60lbs rock, so that should give Daisy a little more of a challenge.

*grumble* Fuckin' dogs! *grumble*
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Why does the plural on pounds switch back and forth? Take these two examples:
  1. This rock is sixty pounds.
  2. This is a sixty pound rock.

You still have multiple pounds, so why is pound plural in one case and not the other? Or is this just another example of the English Language being stupid? (i.e., breaking it's own rules.)

What made me think of that? "Lbs" being short for pounds (sort of... You will see in a minute), ending in an "s" has always made me think it was a plural (which I found out lbs IS the plural of lb).

But where does lb come from? It is short for Libra, which was a Roman unit of measurement, which was roughly 12 onces (not the 16 our pounds are). And in case you were wondering, the plural of Libra is Librae.

So, anyway, with pounds, why the switch in pluralization?

And if I weigh 200lbs, does that mean I should only weigh 150 pounds? ( (200 * 12)/16=150 ) Cool!!! I don't need to diet! Where the hell did I put all that Halloween candy, I need to put on some weight! ;)

So... Would this make Libra's weight obsessed?
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In randomquestions, flirtykatiegurl poses the question:

Do you agree with partial birth abortion being outlawed?

Are you pro-choice, pro-life, or somewhere in between?

As this is going to be a hot topic for a bit, as the courts just put an injunction on the partial birth abortion ban, I thought I would state my opinion on the matter here (and as a comment to her post), so it is out there, and people aren't posing the question to me over and over. Which people have been known to do for some unknown reason.

My response:

Oh sure, go for the "easy" issues. ;)

My views. My opinion was asked. That does not mean I wish to debate my views.

First on abortion in general. I think the world is WAY over populated. I am infavor birthcontrol in most fashions, other than forced sterilization. This includes abortion.

I also feel abortion is a womans issue. In that Imean, this is something that is done to a womans body, and I think women deserve more say in this than men. And in my observations, I see far more men against abortion than women. And most of the women I know are pro abortion. Well, sort of. Of those who are pro-choice also say they would likely not have an abortion, but support the right for a woman to have the choice open to them.

There are options other than abortion, but the fact is, pregnency is very hard on a womans body, and it affects a womans ability to work. And in some communities, depending on how the pregnency came about, it could cause a lot of shame or social osterization for the woman.

I also feel that laws should be made out of social need, not religious beliefs. I feel that most anti-abortion people feel the way they do out of religious convictions. I think if you pass laws on religious conviction, then you are in effect forcing that religion on others, and I do not feel that is right.

So, I am pro-choice.

Late term abortion? I have mixed feelings about it. I think it should be allowed when there is medical need for it (and at times there are). But I think if it is solely an elective abortion, I would think the woman could get the abortion earlier (with some exceptions).

Exceptions? What possable exceptions, you might ask. What if the Father skips town or dies? Or something happens where the parents do not feel they could care for the child? I think it's acceptable to have the abortion then, but I think it should be discouraged, so only the most sure of this decision chhoose to opt for late term abortion.

So, I think late term abortions should be allowed, but discouraged. If you are going to have an abortion, get it as soon as you can. That's my feeling, anyway.
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I was wondering what peoples opinions on the state of womens rights in America is today.

That question stems from this conversation with an anonymous friend:

(14:35:35) XXX: i totally agree with what you said on LJ. Most people against abortion that i know of ARE men. doesn't something seem wrong about that? i mean, most women against abortion DO say that they'd like for other women to have the right, even if their personal religious beliefs are against it. so why do these men get to force their religion on others, when the women in these same religions would not wish it?!

(14:36:57) adameros: Not to sound like YYY, but it's the patriarchy trying to keep women under mens control. Pregency is being used as a means of control, and abortion is a means for women to escape that domination.

(14:39:36) XXX: that is definately true. but it is also the women's fault for not saying anything. in fact, it's the women who wouldn't have the abortions that should say something. the advice most listened to is advice that come from within the community. these women need to stand up for the rights of the women they disagree with, and say, that although they disagree, women still need to have abortion as a right.

(14:43:44) adameros: How do you get women to do that? I think most women are brain washed from birth with ideas of family roles and religion.

(14:45:41) adameros:

(14:46:01) XXX: Yes, they probably are. but nothing is going to change until they start thinking differently. but it is a slow process. that's why i think women's studies is such a pointless major, because it's trying to speed up something that is going to take decades.

(14:48:00) XXX: wow, did a guy actually post that?

(14:48:00) adameros: I think it is a slow process. Think of womens studies as boot camp for womens freedom fighters. They have a large, strong power to over throw, and unless they swell their ranks and have a continuous influx of new recruits, the movement will fail, and nothing will have changed, except even less freedoms for women.

(14:48:19) adameros: Yep. I think you would like the sos_usa community. :-)

(14:49:20) XXX: well the way i see it is that women's studies is strange because most people in the major would do the same field work if they were in any other major. it's sort of like preaching to the choir. unless outsiders are informed instead of the same old group of women's advocates, then nothing will change.

(14:51:10) adameros: Most womens studies majors are out trying to appostlize. Many work for or run womens clinics and are there to catch and help women hurt by men or the patriarchy.

(14:52:08) XXX: ugh, that term, "patriarchy" it's such an annoying word. i mean, the concept i agree with, but the word is so... pedantic.

(14:53:05) adameros: Well... This is a male dominated society, so it fits. What word would you preffer?

(14:53:13) adameros: The anti-matriarchy? ;)

(14:53:41) XXX: male dominated society works just fine.

(15:00:56) adameros: Mind if I quote this conversation in my journal?

(15:01:07) XXX logged out.

(15:01:17) XXX logged in.

(15:01:29) adameros: Mind if I quote this conversation in my journal?

(15:01:37) XXX: why?

(15:01:48) XXX: don't...

(15:02:00) XXX: it wasn't exactly well thoughtout

(15:02:13) adameros: I was going to use it as a jumping point to ask others their opinion on the state of womens rights in the U.S. today.

(15:02:22) adameros: I can hide your name....

(15:03:05) XXX: sure, hide my name

(15:03:11) XXX: or say, a person...

(15:03:12) adameros: Thanks! :-)

(15:05:51) XXX: yer welcome

So, what is the state of womens rights in America?