November 13th, 2003

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From brokenreel, some good old fashioned narcisism. Because it really is all about me, damn it!:

Fill in the blanks:

I ____ Adam.
Adam is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Adam, I would _______.
I think Adam should _____.
Adam needs ______.
I want to ____________ Adam.

Hmmm... MY be I should have made it friends only, so your SO's don't know what you want to do with me. ;)
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Bush, in an effort to look cool to kids, goes Gangsta. Realizing that all the popular rappers have large entourages, Bush decided he needs the best one ever to "go Platinum" in the election. Sporting his new name, MC Shrub, and several gold chains, he will be taking his show on tour in England with the following entourage:

Still no definitive word on where he stands in the Westside vs Eastside war, but neither side seems to be claiming him.

Hmmm... In that picture, shouldn't the secret service agents be the "red shirts"?
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Katri turns 18 in Febuary. That means two things:

  1. She will soon be a legal adult.
  2. Her parents had wild nasty booty-rific sex in May of 1983 1985.

So, some have described Katri as a wild child. I prefer to think of her as someone into radical self expression. Often times unpredictable self expression. So, though some idle conversation the ide a was born... A no-money betting pool on what Katri does in her 18th year, and how she takes advantage of her new adult status.

The rules are:

  • Guess at what non-day-to-day type things she decides to do. Like "getting a tattoo". Not like "getting drunk".
  • It has to be something unique to her 18th year (something she has not done before).
  • You can guess at as many things as you want.
  • For each thing you get right, you get one point.
  • For each thing wrong, you loose two points.
  • The judges (the people not playing, like myself and maybe Katri) can award extra point if you are extra accurate, like what the tattoo is of and/or where it is and/or the size.
  • You may guess things already guessed.
  • You may make guesses up until one week before her birthday.
  • Do not be mean, as defined by Katri, or you will be kicked out of the game, and monkey's will throw poo at you.
  • Prizes? You get to say, "I told you so!" And, will I'm not making any promises here, but if you are willing to drive, and pay, Katri might be willing to go to lunch with you. But that's up to her.
  • Bribing of the judges is encouraged.
  • Cheating is also encouraged. This includes, but is not limited to things like giving Katri money to get tattoos of the number you have guessed.
  • This is for fun.
  • Tattoos were used as a random example in these rules, and is not an endorsement of tattoos in anyway, shape, or form.
  • Math is subjective, based on the whims of the judges.
  • The rules are subject to change with out warming. Possibly with out you being told at all, and often after the fact. It's good to be a judge.

Step right up, and place your bets... err... guesses! :-)
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There are certain species of pine trees that require fires to breed. Basicly their seeds are trapped in pine cones until a fire heats up the cone and cracks it open. Forest fires are considered natural disasters. Are there any other flora or fauna that require natural disaters to procreate/survive? If so, what are they, and what sorts of disaters do they require?
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Are you geting bugged by e-mails asking you to join communities too?

It's fucking annoying. If you want me to join your community, show who you are, and leave a post in my journal asking. DO NOT have have Live Journal send so chicken shit form letter requesting I join up. When you do go the form letter route, it's nothing more than spam to me.