November 23rd, 2003

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First, to give you an idea of the suckiness of the electronic music cd selection at Platinum records... Sam Goody over at the mall actually has a better selection. Die, Platinum Records, die!

So, yesterday I went to the Saturday Market and got my Mother's b-day gift. Then hit Platinum, then hit Pioneer Square Mall and got DJ Dara's "breaks" cd for $8. Weird, DnB Breaks. I kinda like it.

And a cheap ass lazer pointer. This is part of my own going effort to do the worlds cheapest party lighting. A weak spring, with a mirror mounted on one side, andthe other side mounted on a board and placed on a speaker. Then you point the lazer at the mirror, and as the music shakes the spring/mirror, you get cool patterns on the wall or ceiling. Wah-La! Cheap assed sound controlled lighting.

Oh, and Tony Hawk 3 for $8, used. That should keep me entertained for a week or so. Though I must say, I SUCK!!! In 15 minutes I Opened Canada and Pio, but in Rio, where it's a competition, I'm averaging 21pts. I think it will be a while before I see the rest of the world. If I haven't done it by tomorrow night, I'll break out the cheat codes.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Okay, My current THPS3 standings are:
Skater IslandSilver
Los Angeles5/9
Cruise Ship5/9

So, I've open the Cruise Ship secret level. Are there other secrets I should be looking for?