December 6th, 2003

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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What a day... And it's not over yet...

Wake up and clean for the party tonight.

Then go to Aliyah's 7th birthday party.

After that, hit the Winter Beer Fest at Pioneer Square.

And tonight, a "White Elephant" party.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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The "White Elephant Party" was fun. Good food, good drink, good company, and questionable gifts. ;)

rzbryicet was wondering what a White Elephat Party is, so here is the breif explination. Lack most games, it's easier in practice than it sounds when explained.

Everyone comes to the party, and they each bring one gift. This gift should be in expensive,and of the "gag" variety. Basicly something that's cool, but you wouldn't actually want in your home.

When the gift exchange portion of the party arrives, you put as many slips of paper as there are people, each with a number. Everyone draws a paper. The numbers are the order the exchange goes in. Going last is usually best, as you will soon see.

When you turn comes up, you can either pick an unopened gift, or "steal" someone elses gift.

If you go first, there are no gifts already opened, so you just pick a gift and open it.

If someone just stole a gift from you, you get another turn right away. You may not steal a gift back from the person that stole it from you. But, if someone else steals it from thr original theif, then you can steal it from the second thief.

A gift may only be stolen twice, so if you are the second person to steal a particular gift, no one may take it from you.

Eventualy the games ends, and everyone has a cheesey gift.

I originally got a nice pair of leather bondage cuffs, but they were stolen. I actually would have enjoyed them, but I couldn't steal them back. I ended up with the game Unexploded Cow, which looks like a lot of fun, so I still came out pretty well.