December 7th, 2003

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When I was engaged to Rosa, I used to shop e-bay looking for watches. I now have a couple Italian and Swiss watches. I dug them out so I would have a watch to wear to work, as I don't have a cell phone to remind me of the time. I did not get manuals with the watches, though. Does anyone know where or how to get manuals for watches?

In this case, a Mathey Tissot (I can not get their site to load). I also need to find someway to identify the model of watch, as it is stainless steel, with gold diving ring (you know, the ring you adjust to warn you when you will be out of air?), a metalic blue face, with smaller gold dials. It has a stopwatch, date dial, alarm and "tachymetre" markings, so you can use the stop watch to determin your speed. And the hour markings are gold with phosorus (or some other other glow in the dark material, besides radium, as it does fade) inlay.

On the front it says:
Mathey Tissot
Swiss Made

On the back:
Mathey Tissot
Swiss Movement
Water Resistant 5 ATM
All Stainless Steel

And the face seems to be crystal.

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So, does anyone know how I can identify the model and year of this watch? And how I might get a manual for it?
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A meme from gucky:
If you have 1-5 people on your friends list, say something about the 3rd person.
If you have 6-20 people on your friends list, say something about the 11th person.
If you have 21-75 people in your friends list, say something about the 21st person.
If you have 75+ people on your friends list, say something about the 50th person.

Assuming my math is correct (tring to weed out the communities, so I very likely miss counted), that would be crista. Actually, that is her old account. She is know known as pink_pinup.

Anyway, what to say about Crista?

Crista, I think, would be a blast to know, and even more fun to date. She is inteligent and odd. She was home schooled, has pink hair, a sparkling wit, and a hot body. For all her claims of insanity, she seems very sane, from this end of the net. But then again, I'm used to being surrounded by crazy people, so it my views may be skewed. By crazy, she is passionate, has unique view points, and is opinionated, and doesn't neccessarily follow your typical social norms. All these combine to make an extremely charming individual.