December 25th, 2003

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Merry Christmas (or Merry Holiday of your choice)!

Well... I did not get the digital camera. Don't worry... It will come. :-)

But I did get two pairs of pants (one pair of Dockers and one pair of jeans). I also got a very cool Hawaiian shirt, and another shirt. A belt. And that Christmas classic... Some socks. :-)

Then the fun gifts... A cutting mat, a t-bar, and a mat cutter. So... I can custom cut mats to frame my pictures how I would like. Some UV reactive drip candles. And the latest O'Reilly "HTML & XHTML" and "MySQL" books.

The gifts I've given...
Mom: A book on Portland area open spaces and parks for hiking. A book on the history of India. And a book in the cultures and ettiquette of the areas in India.

Dad: My Mom got him the Celestron NextStar 130GT Telescope, so I got him the accessory kit with the optional eye pieces and filters.

Sister: TBA... I have it, but she is in Ohio at the momment with her Fiance's family. I'll let everyone know what it is after I have given it to her.

So, was Santa kind to you this year?