January 1st, 2004

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New Years was spent watching fireworks, and trying to keep Jamie from freaking out, due to the fireworks).

This morning, we woke up to white out conditions. It's snow at a steady clip, with strong gusts. I would tell you how strong, but the wind gauge has frozen, and doesn't spin at the moment.

At some point I need to brave the weather and head across town to feed my Sister's pet's.

urbandivision, if I manage to brave the ice and snow, and get across town, do you want to get coffee?
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Okay... So maybe I won't be going across town. Several of the bridges and freeways seem to be closed.

Maybe Aliyah will come over and go sledding. That would rock! :-)
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Talk about some pissed off Starbucks employees...

I went over to get a Chai this morning, and there was 4" of snow on the ground (this was about an hour ago). The employees got there about 6am before the snow started, and now all their co-workers are calling in saying they can't make it, leaving the people on duty this morning, stuck there all day.

One more reason the morning shift sucks.
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Plan for tomorrow...

Get up at 7am.
Go to Les Schwab, and get chains when they open at 8am.
Hopefully get to work by 9am. [Got in at 9:15.]
Hopefully get out of work by 1pm. [Got out at 1:15]
Get to my Sister's place and feed the animals.
Get dinner.

It's a good plan.