January 13th, 2004

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Bush STILL looking for those chemical weapons? Well, look no more. I found them over at Safeway. All I did was venture down the cleaning row, and there they were. In binary form, just waiting to cause havok.

What chemical weapons are they you ask?

Why, a chlorine gas supply.

You see, anyone can make chemical weapons. In this case, just mix amonia and chlorine bleach. As any janitor learns on his first day, this releases chlorine gas. This will burn the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs, and can cause a very death.

So, what out for suspicious people loitering in the cleaning supply row. Who you think is just a friendly home owner could be a mad person bent on world terror.
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I got a call last night from a fund raiser, which is not that unusual. But the fund in question is to help a new vote happening in Alaska this year to legalize pot. If I had money, I probably would have donated, but I'm only parting part time, so I didn't.

But the guys spiel was interesting. The idea being that if it become legal in one state, the rest will fall like domino's.

I hope that it does pass, and the theory hold true.

I just have one reservation, and that is with Alaska it's self. Right now it's like if it's bad for you, Alaskan's or the most likely to be doing it. smoking, drinking to excess, soft and hard drugs.

I personally think everyone who wants to smoke pot in Alaska can. I don't think passing this law will change much, other than for the sellers and growers. But I fear that Alaska will become the right wings poster child on how bad drugs are.

To counter this, I hope that Alaska does tax weed, and the money goes into rehab programs. If the out come of weed use is a reduction in the use of hard drugs and/or a general improvement in the standard of living for poorer communities and the like, then the right wing will have a much harder time vilifying the legalization.

Anyway, I was going to suggest, that if you know of groups supporting this law, try to help.
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