February 26th, 2004

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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I'm looking for cool (yet cheap) lighting ideas. Or, more specifically, DIY websites with directions on how to make cool lighting stuff. Like this light I saw one time at Cloud Factory...

This was a couple years ago at their old location a couple blocks off downtown Oakland. The had a tube of clear plastic (like plastic bags are made of, not solid) suspended under a recessed ceilling light, and the bottom of the bag was wrapped over a fan, with the bag cinched in a little a couple feet above the fan. The fan was turned on, and some feathers were put in the bag. The feathers would dart around about chest level, lookin glike fish schooling in an aquarium.

I always thought that was a very cool and cheap lighting idea, and I would love to find more nifty things like that.

So, any pointers? :-)
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Thank siwwy_wabbit for the comic and lyrina for the commentary...

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adameros (11:59:19 AM): Is it just me, or are you the racoon in this cartoon from time to time? ;-) http://www.ozyandmillie.org/2000/om20000827.jpg
lyrina (12:00:55 PM): haha... that's mean.
lyrina (12:01:04 PM): don't you dare post that in LJ ;-)
adameros (12:01:33 PM): You must admit, when you get on your "nature of people and relationships" debates, you can get sort of like that. ;-)
lyrina (12:02:27 PM): oh shuddup :-P
lyrina (12:02:55 PM): actaully, do post it. i want ppl to know that I'M right and THEY'RE wrong!
adameros (12:04:09 PM): You're right, till someone whacks you on the head? ;-)
lyrina (12:04:09 PM): kidding, btw.
lyrina (12:04:34 PM): hey!
adameros (12:04:35 PM): Nope... Too late. I'm gonna post it! You gave your permission!!! ;-)
lyrina (12:04:46 PM): dammit