March 4th, 2004

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Some brilliance from nobodobodon, via his lovely wife, sea_of_change:

You can make random things happen by behaving in random ways. Switch around your work schedule. Take two hour lunches and go driving to municipal parks you've never seen. Wear unmatched shoes, or at least unmatched socks. Wear one shoe and nothing else around your own house for an hour. Change your Monday evening plans at the last minute and randomly drop in on unexpecting friends. Don't buy your usual brand of ANYTHING at the store next time you go, try completely new things.

Next time you get in your car to go anywhere, even if you're late, just sit there for 3 full minutes. Don't start it, don't put in a CD, just sit there.

And always stop for yellow lights this week, and always run them next week, except when you'd endanger yourself to do so.

Turn left when you think you "should" turn right. Take the long way home.

Build a fire cannon. Find plans online for a "potato gun", but build it with metal parts, and put a sparkplug at the front and load it with gasoline instead of potatoes. Sell it on e-bay.

Go to Cheapo Disk an hour before they close and buy four super cheap CDs you've never heard of. Make it five.

And yeah, the unmatched shoe thing. Trust me on that one. If anyone asks why, tell them "It's all the rage in Milan" or "It's part of a top-secret experiment".
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There are a few friends whom I regularly check their photo archives for new stuff. But, I'm guessing because it's been winter, their uploading of pictures has crawled to a stand still. Or in one case, they removed their archive all together. I'm hoping that with the warm weather returning, and the bright colors of spring popping out all over that they will be once again digging their cameras out. They all have amazing talent, and it seems a shame to see it languishing.
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MY views on the recent marriage licenses issued to Gay and Lesbian's in Multnomah County...

It's the new voluntary gay tax. The charge people for the licenses, then invalidate them. The state keeps the money to help offset the budget shortfall.

Actually, I think the courts will invalidate the licenses, as much as I wish they would be honored. I'm still trying to figure out if the polititions that are issuing them are doing this out of the kindness of their heart or hoping to use this to tap into the Gay/Lesbian voting pool years down the road. I mean, they know it is very likely that the courts will nullify the licenses, and that the court costs will be very high hurting the state further. And will leave a portion of the popultion feeling not only biased against, but robbed from also.

But there could be a valid plan. Let's say the licenses do get nullified, will there be a strong enough backlash to get samesex marriages legalized? I hope this is the case.

I find our Governer's anti-same-sex-marriages stance alarming. He supports civil unions, but as we learned during the segrigation era that "same but seperate" is not equal.