March 24th, 2004

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Confessions of a Smilie Addict.

I use smilies. A lot. The idea is to better show the emotion that goes with the bland flat text I send out. But I find there are some definate limitation is smilies. When someone receives good news, I will congradulate them and send them a smile. If they get bad news, rather than be depressing, I like to give a supportive smile. Though, in retrospect, I could see how the support of smile could be misconstrewed as "I'm happy your life sucks." Should I leave off the smilie? Put a depressing frown on there? Start designing my own special funk-o-licious smilie set for those special occurances? Who knows.

When I am talking to people via AIM, almost every line has smilie of some sort. It's just that I am generally a happy guy and I like to share in the joy.

But when they are used so often, do they lose meaning, or just it add to the conversation by showing not just what I am saying but also what I am feeling?

Oh well, a little smile never hurt anyone.

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Okay... I need to not drink and brain storm.

I was trying to think of funny web site or picture ideas. Then I thought of all the different marketing things used to sell Rock (as in Rock-N-Roll). Then I thought or replacing the word "Rock" with "Cock", and using images of roosters (Where did you think I was going with this, you dirty, dirty person?).

Some concepts:

  • Monsters Of Cock: Sort of a Toxic Avenger type rooster.
  • Is that Freedom Cock? Turn it up!!!: Still figuring out the best image for the rooster. A hippy rooster? Rambo rooster? American flag rooster? Gene Simons rooster?
  • Cock of Ages: The old wrinkley rooster in a wheel chair.
  • World Cock:A globe rooster? Multi-ethnic rooster?
  • Hard Cock: The Arnold Rooster.
  • Cock and Roll: A rooster in a Zorb?
  • Cock this town
  • Cock around the Clock: A rooster as the Fonze in Al's Restaurant.

Then I started thinking of other uses of the word rock:

  • Cock Climbing
  • Between a cock and a hard place

Ummm... Yeah... Jagger and design sessions. An odd combination.
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Okay, you fans of physics... What is the terminal velocity of a water balloon full of water? What is the terminal velocity of of the water without the balloon?