April 14th, 2004

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Anyone who reads this should ask me three questions. You can ask anything you want -- you can even be anonymous. Then, if you want to, post this in your journal allowing me and anyone else to ask you anything.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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I was in such a good mood... But fate has conspired against me.

Between my camera breaking, not having my tripod, needing to show progress on BOTH images in class tomorrow, my boss flaking on me, and some shitty weather today I am ready to kill someone. I don't care who, but someone.

So, last friday, my camera takes it's last fall and the battery door no longer works. So I have to use my Mother's camera, and Olympus C-2000Z. Some of the most needlessly complex menus I've encountered on a digital camera. That, and it forgets what you set it at half the time.

A couple months prior, I left my tripod in subdivide's car. I dropped the ball on getting it back from her ex-bf, so I have been trying to get it from her ever since, but I have had no luck.

April 22nd, we have to photos due in class. I have been doing them in serial. I just finished one, and I was about to start on the second, when in class yesterday we were told we need to bring in both pictures and we need to have progress on both. Obviously we were supposed to be working on them in parallel.

So yesterday I ask my Dad if I can borrow his tripod and I build a stand for the window frame I'm using as a prop. My Dad get's me the tripod this morning.

This morning I load the frame in the back of my truck, grab the tripod and camera, and go to work, as I was going to get my boss to help me, and do the picture in the park blocks. Well, the time comes and my boss, even though I arranged this with him, has just left for lunch.

No worries, I know of a place I can to this single handedly on the way home. I get there, it's rainning and the wind is blowing. So I keep a plastic bag over the camera while I'm moving things between shots. No I should point out, the reason I got the tripod I did, was it is heavy and has a broad stance so is is stable in high winds and on uneven ground. My fathers camer is a very lightweight backpacking tripod with a narrow stance. And that plastic bag keeping the camera dry works great as a sail. See where this is going? I couldn't move the camera to my truck each time, as the pictures need the exact same perspective, so they need to be taken from the exact same spot.

Then add my window and stand also catch the wind, but also the wood has been in the rain all day, and the screws strip out.

The whole time I'm getting soaked.

I get the pictures and come home.

Ahhh... Finally. Done.
But the files on the memory card are corrupted.


So I rebuild the stand for the window. Get a heavy bag I can weight down the tripod with. And go out in front of the house and try to recreate the image, minus a lovely background, and with me getting even more soaked.

I come in, and the files are now downloading, and seem fine.

And now, after I have finished all this, the wind stops and the sun comes out.

Someone is going to fucking die.
Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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Isn't this why we all go to IHOP?

(22:05:12) politikitti: it was good. except shae got a shell in her eggs
(22:06:33) adameros: She didn't strip naked and stand on it, while proudly proclaiming "I'm the birth of Venus!"?