May 22nd, 2004

Ceci n'est pas une personne.

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This thought has been tumbling in my mind for a week or two.

The Catholic Church is threatenning to deny communion to polititians who vote for abortion rights. Isn't this the same as ballot box tampering? To threaten someone to force them to vote in the manner you want? I'm supprised it is legal to do what they are doing. Supposedly it's also illegal to buy votes, but some times it seems that the primary job of many lobbiest.

What's next, if a senator is pro-consumer or pro-labor rights, big business will threaten to deny that senator their services? Or if the congressman is pro-big-bussiness, will the unions will threaten to not allow any of their members to do work on or for the congressmans home or offices. Or if they vote for laws encouraging healthier eating, Krispy Kreme denying them services at their drive thru. "Bad senator, no doughnut!"

Frankly, I think the Catholic Church is over the line. If threatening people to get votes is not illegal, it should be. If it is illegal, they should throw the book at the bishops and cardinals making these threats.

The only threat a congress person should get, if they are obeying the law, is "you won't get my vote." And the only reward for votes should be "you will get my vote."