July 6th, 2004

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As there are a few friends of mine getting married, I thought I would impart some sanity saving advice.

How am I qualified, you ask? While I have never tied the knot, I have been engaged, been photographer at a few weddings, and listenned to many, many, many hours of post wedding gossip.

Rule number 1: The wedding is NOT for you. It's for your family. The honeymoon is for you. Your friends are happy for you, but have known you as a couple for so long, they are more thinking you will now beable to afford a large house and couch surf at your place longer.

Rule number 2: Other than, "I do," the only words that should cross your lips are, "Thank you for coming," and "I'm so happy to see you." Anything else will be misconstrewed as an insult. "I can't believe you made it," will be heard as, " What are you doing here? I don't remember invitng you." Even though this part is for your family, and you are forking out big bucks for it, people will still want to you kiss their ass for coming. Better bring the chap stick and start puckering, because any failures on this day with make family relations rocky for years to come.

Rule number 3: You are a social butterfly. A butterfly does not stay at one flower long, and you should not stick to one conversation long either. This saves you from saying anything that might be constrewed as "wrong" and makes sure you get time with everyone.

Rule number 4: Go light on the alcohol. You don't want in-laws seeing you being anything be a tea-tottler or they will start with, "Oh, they must have a drinking problem," to, "I'll be they are an abusive drunk," to," I hear they can't keep a job due to the drinking."

Rule number 5: No jokes! Jokes are not universal. Those are best to the best man. Let them embarrass themselves and leave you looking like a good sport.

Rule number 6: As soon as the reception is over, get to the honeymoon as fast as you can. No lingering. You're relatives will be getting drunk and starting to cause problems, and you don't want to be around for it.

I would offer rules on honeymoons, but I think I would need to go on one first.
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I am very quckly growing to HATE/LOATH/DISPISE wireless. I have a customer I support. They have a Linksys wiereless router and 7 computers. All work but one Win-XP system. It connects with excellent signal strength but can not receive an packets.The WEP stff is the same on the other systems. The authenticaton have been checked 5 times at least. There is no firewall on the pc. WTF is up? That and these fuckers keep randomly forgetting their key and think "I get the key from the router", so I have to go over and fix this systems once a week. I love the steady work, but I would even more appreciate thses systems remembering their configuration.

Anyone know of something simple I'm missing? Is there some third party software that will just make this shit work?
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If you are going to whine and moan about something, please make the complaints valid. Case in point, the info page for anti_suv_jihad.

Basicaly they try to point out that many of the attitude problems with SUV drivers, which I agree with.

But on the very first line they ask, "Ever been cut off by a SUV-drivin' Laguna Beach-type housewife with more cell-phone minutes than IQ points?"

Let's think about that... Given that IQ's are normally in the very low three digits, and that the common free minutes each month seems to be 1000... I'm guessing that the the other of that info page has a lower IQ than they have minutes. In fact, you would be hard pressed to find anyone with an IQ higher than their free minutes, unless it's some very lame "60 minutes a month" plan.

Please people, if you must insult, insult wisely.
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A thought just reoccurred to me. I remember seeing one of the plans for airport security was to set up a long walkway with "sniffers" that could sense residue of explosives. I wonder how many people flying home from 4th of July festivities with the burnt black powder fumes ingrained in their clothes would set off alarms bringing the airports to a stand still?

Also, as you never have to sign anything for fireworks, or is there a limit in the amount you can buy (or just steal). I'm suprised that has not been a target f regulation by Homeland Security.
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Since everyone was very word knowledgable last time, I figure I'll give this a try...

It seems like, if you look long and hard enough, there is a specific word for everything. Be it a feeling, action, mood, you name it, it's covered.

Something happened to me the other day, and I tried to explain it to a friend, and it occurred to me that there has to be a specific word for the feeling I was trying to describe.

The feeling, which I'm sure a few of you have felt is when you have a long fluidy booger, and you blow you nose and just the tip of it get's caught on the tissue and you pull this long slime thing out, and you can feel it dragging along the inside of you sinus's. It's a very weird but not unpleasant feeling.

What is the word for that specific weird feeling in your sinus's?
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Based on the lj interests lists of those who share my more unusual interests, the interests suggestion meme thinks I might be interested in
1. trance score: 12
2. writing score: 10
3. dance score: 9
4. techno score: 9
5. love score: 8
6. dnb score: 8
7. ambient score: 8
8. happy hardcore score: 8
9. jungle score: 8
10. electro score: 8
11. underground score: 7
12. triphop score: 7
13. poetry score: 7
14. turntables score: 7
15. house score: 7
16. garage score: 7
17. techniques score: 7
18. gabber score: 7
19. sf raves score: 7
20. literature score: 7

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